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Part of your routine eye exam to determine if a prescription is necessary. 

contact lenses

Thinking about contact lenses? We have you covered, book in for a contact lens fitting today.

eye health

Part of your comprehensive eye exam that checks for multiple eye diseases such as Glaucoma and Macula degeneration.

myopia control

The management of your child's short-sightedness.

Methods include eye drops, contact lenses & innovative optical lenses.





At Riversdale Optical your vision and the health of your eyes hold the upmost importance.


Highly trained optometrists have years of experience.
During the eye test they will do more than just determine your prescription; they will also thoroughly check the health of your eyes.


Eye Test Glasses
Eye Test


Many ocular diseases cause gradual deterioration which you may not detect until it is too late. With regular testing and monitoring your eyes for progressive problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.


With early detection, most conditions are treatable. If required an optometrist will refer you to an ophthalmologist for further care.


Interested in trying contact lenses?

Optometrists are committed to getting the best possible result for you in terms of comfort, fit and vision.  They will assess your suitability for contact lenses and fit you with a lens that best suits your needs.


Choose from daily, fortnightly or monthly contact lenses, as well as multifocal contacts and lenses which correct astigmatism.

Contact Lens Solution
Perscription Glasses


Myopia is a common vision condition where one can see near objects clearly but not further in the distance. This is caused due the shape of the human eye, where light refracts incorrectly & focuses light short of the retina 

With modern technology their are now multiple ways in which the onset and progression of myopia can be slowed down in children. Methods include eye drops, contact lenses & innovative optical lenses.

Please call (03) 9882 1920 or drop in and one of the helpful staff will be happy to assist you in arranging an appointment.

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